Description Edit

Unit gas

Besides attacking the targeted grid normally, when this attack is used it creates a gas cloud, placing a gas token on the targeted grid. Gas clouds are carried around by the wind, moving one grid each round at the beginning of the “gasser’s” movement phase, with the direction determined by a deviation flip. They persist on the board for two rounds and are removed at the start of the “gasser’s” combat phase.

All units, whether friend or foe, that:

  • Begin their turn on a gas cloud
  • Move through a grid that contains a gas cloud, or
  • Have a gas cloud move into their grid

suffer a single gas attack using the attack stats of the creator of the cloud. Gas clouds have the same attack stats as the unit that created it. The cloud is removed at the start of the “gasser’s” second combat phase after the one where the gas cloud was created.

Here’s a little trick to help keep track of gas clouds: When you create one, place the gas marker with the “gassier” side facing up. At the start of your next combat phase, flip the gas cloud to its “less gassy” side. Then at the start of your next combat phase, remove the marker completely.

Deviation Flip Edit

When an attack or action says to deviate or make a deviation flip, discard the top card of the Action! card deck. On each Action! card is a deviation diagram -[PICTURE HERE]- this is used to represent the inaccurate nature of some attacks on the battlefield. The center grid is the one being targeted by the action or attack, but the arrow shows which adjacent grid will actually be hit! This is based on the orientation of the active player. Resolve the attack or action against the new grid, as if it had been the one targeted. Deviating attacks can inadvertently target friendly units! Watch out!

Immunity to Gas Edit

Unit nogas

This unit takes no damage from gas clouds.

However it is accepted that the original attack (Baron Tankken's attack, say) can still do damage if directly targeted. Clarification on this matter hasn't been made.

FAQ Edit

Q - Do units killed by gas clouds count toward fulfilling a Secret Mission card?

A - Yes, whenever a unit is killed, it counts as being killed by the enemy (even when killed by your own gas cloud!).

Q - Are you allowed to attack an empty grid in order to place a gas cloud there?

A - Yes.