MT-1 Ostrich
MT-1 Ostrich
Faction Allies
Type Tank
Cost 4
Rivets 3
Bounties 2
Sockets 1
Move 2
Armor 3
Health 4
Land Range 2
Air Range 0
Primary Weapon Attacks 1
Primary Weapon Type Flat Grid
Primary Weapon Effectiveness 3/2/1/0/0
Secondary Weapon Attacks 1
Secondary Weapon Type Standard
Secondary Weapon Effectiveness 0/2/2/0/0
Special Abilities Immune to gas, Rapid Assault (2), Tank Shock (1)


MT-1 Ostrich is armored support on the move. It's legs are designed to give the tank speed into the fight and to clear the battlefield of enemy Infantry.

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Strategy Edit

The Ostrich is an aggressive unit, made to tear into the fight and stay there. Use its rapid assault to take the fight to the enemy and do be afraid to run over any infantry on the way with Tank Shock.

This is an anti infantry and Armor Type 2 unit. Consider a plug that can hit more heavily armored targets to assist this unit against its enemies.

Be quick to take out the Panzerfaust, though, as they will be your most abundant threats deep in the fight.

FAQ Edit

Q - Can multiple surviving units of a Tank Shock attack be moved to different grids?

A - Yes, the defender can move each surviving unit to any available adjacent grid of his choice.

Q - If I have General G. Patston plugged into an MT-1 Ostrich, does it make two separate Tank Shock attacks?

A - No, the Tank Shock values add up, meaning that the MT-1 Ostrich now has Tank Shock (2), rolling 2 dice when it attempts to stomp its enemies.

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MT-1 Ostrich painted