Slammer Turret
Allied turret
Faction Allies
Type Plug
Cost 2
Rivets 0
Bounties 0
Sockets N/A
Move N/A
Armor N/A
Health N/A
Land Range 3
Air Range 0
Primary Weapon Attacks 1
Primary Weapon Type Standard
Primary Weapon Effectiveness 1/2/3/2/1
Secondary Weapon Attacks None
Secondary Weapon Type None
Secondary Weapon Effectiveness None
Special Abilities None

Description Edit

The Elridge smoothbore cannon was a great gun but just a bit too powerful to mount on a light tank chassis. So the boys in engineering decided to mount it on a fixed base and the Slammer Turret was born. Plant a few of these in your garden and you won't need to worry about any blight armor trampling your daisies.

In time, the Slammer Turret was adapted for tank chassis.

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Strategy Edit

The slammer turret is the allied answer to Blight Armor. It can be used to instantly add a ranged, large attack to any Allied tank or plug able unit. Best against Armor Type: 3 opponents, it will instantly make any unit a Tank Hunter of highly armored units.

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